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Information for Tenants

At Edison McGrath, tenants are valued clients – we’re here to help you find the property you’re hoping for, and ensure your lease runs smoothly.

We have put together this section of the website to provide general information for tenants involved with us. It should not replace legal advice. If you have any further questions or wish to discuss your situation, please contact our Property Management Team.

Found a property you like?

The first step is to book and inspection online direct with the Leasing Manager or Property Manager. You will be sent an instant response with any current inspection times or allowing you to book an inspection if those times are not suitable. – this will depend on whether the property is vacant or tenanted.

It’s important to note that all applicants must view the property before applying. If you are overseas or outside the Perth area, you can appoint an agent to view and approve the property on your behalf.

Ready to apply for a property?

Once you find a property you like, the process is simple. Visit our Apply Online page to access the relevant forms.

Although each adult who will be living in the property must complete their section of the application form and provide 100 points of Identification, in some situations not all persons over 18 will be required to go on the Lease Agreement, however this needs to be discussed prior with the Property Manager

In support of your application we require all applicants to provide current rental references (if applicable), previous rental references, character references, employment history, next of kin, emergency contacts and 100-points of identification.

What happens next?

If your application is approved, we contact you to set up a meeting to sign the Lease Agreement at our office. We will advise you of the costs that must be paid at the time of sign up, this includes the bond (equal to four weeks rent) and a pet bond of $260 if you will have pets at the property and the first 2 weeks rent.

This meeting is also an opportunity for your Property Manager to introduce themselves and answer any questions you may have.

What is the PCR?

A Property Condition Report (PCR) is a record of the condition of the property and gardens at the commencement of your tenancy. It’s used on the completion of your tenancy to determine if the property is being returned in a similar condition (with allowances made for ‘fair wear and tear’).

We will give you a copy of the PCR within 7 days of the commencement of your tenancy. Once you receive it, you have 7 days to check it, make any comments, and return a signed copy to our office. Not returning the PCR or returning it unaltered will mean that the original report on file will be considered to reflect the true condition of the property and that copy will be used at the final bond inspection.

Do I need insurance?

The property owner or strata company is responsible for insuring the building that you live in. However, this will not cover your belongings inside the home. If you want this kind of cover, you must arrange your own contents insurance.

What are my options for making rent payments?

Although most tenants prefer to set up an automatic transfer with their bank, we have several payment methods to suit your needs. Our staff are happy to discuss these with you.

It’s important to remember that all rental payments are due in advance, and must be paid in accordance with the terms set out in your Lease Agreement. Edison McGrath takes a zero tolerance to rent arrears. If your rent is not received on time you will be issued with a Breach of Agreement Notice. Regular breaches may affect your chance of securing a rental property in the future.

Failure to pay overdue rent will lead to a Termination Notice, requiring you to give up possession of the property. If you are having any difficulty paying your rent, we strongly encourage you to contact your Property Manager to discuss the matter.

Inspections… what should I expect?

We carry out routine inspections within 6 to 8 weeks of you moving in, and then every 3 months after that. You will be provided with 7-14 days written notice of an upcoming inspection. If you are not present, the Property Manager will use our office keys to gain access and then lock up when they leave.

At the end of your lease, after you have moved out and returned all keys to our office, a final inspection is conducted using the Property Condition Report. A final bond inspection report will be sent to you. If there are any issues they will be highlighted in that report.

What happens if repairs are needed at the property?

If something at the property needs repair or maintenance, it’s your legal responsibility to let us know within 72 hours. Your Property Manager will respond as soon as practicable, and will usually have one of our contractors contact you to arrange a time to attend. Please keep in mind that basic maintenance, such as replacing light bulbs, is your responsibility as a tenant.

For urgent maintenance issues outside of normal office hours, please refer to your emergency procedure card. 

What notice do I need to give when moving out?

This depends on the conditions outlined in your lease agreement, which is signed at the beginning of your tenancy. In most cases, 30 days’ written notice is required if you intend to move out at the end of your lease period.

If you wish to move out before the end date set out in a Fixed Term Agreement, it’s important to understand your responsibilities. These are outlined in the lease document. For example, you may have to continue paying rent and maintenance costs until a suitable tenant is found (or the agreement expires), as well as leasing fees and advertising costs to secure a new tenant.

Still have an unanswered question? Please contact our friendly Property Management department.

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